Find Braids in Stream Network

The Find Braids in Stream Network tool determines if stream reaches are part of a braided section of a stream network polyline feature class. Stream reach features that are braids can then be identified by selecting all records where “IsBraidedReach” == 1. This is useful for data validation and repair of the polyline feature class, and is incorporated into the processing workflow of the Find Network Errors tool.



Geoprocessing Environments

  • We recommend running this tool with 64-bit python geoprocessing.
  • Disable Z and M geometry in the Shape field if topology errors are encountered.

Input Parameters


Input Stream Network

Stream network polyline feature class that will be checked for braided features. The input polyline feature class will be modified.

  • Adds (or overwrites) IsBraidedReach attribute field:
    • Value = 1: Segment is part of a braided section of the stream network
    • Value = 0: Segment is not part of a braided section of the stream network

Technical Background

###Calculation Method

  1. Convert the stream network polyline features to polygons. Polygon features will be generated at all closed parts of the network.
  2. Select network segments that share a line with the polygon features.
  3. Calculate field (“IsBraidedReach” = 1) for selected features.