Create a New GNAT Project

The Create a New GNAT Project tool creates a new Riverscapes project XML file ( directory structure, which will store information about the inputs and outputs associated with GNAT tool processes.


Input Parameters


Project Name

  • Name of the Riverscapes project.

Project Folder

  • A local folder where the Riverscapes project XML file (, and data iunputs and outputs, will be stored.

Create New Project Folder (optional)

  • Checkbox which indicates if this is a new Riverscapes project folder.

User Name (Operator) (optional)

  • Name of the user running tool, which will be stored as metadata in the file.

Region (optional)

  • Currently the only choice available here is Columbia River Basin (CRB). More regions may be added in future releases.

Watershed (HUC 8 Name) (optional)

  • Name of the drainage area with represents the spatial extent of the project.