Commit Realization

The Commit Realization tool accepts a stream network polyline feature class and “commits” it to a GNAT Riverscape project. This commital initiates a new project Realization. A project Realization represents a specific version or snapshot of a stream network. Multiple Realizations can be commited to a Riverscapes project, as long as each Realization’s stream network is unique, i.e the result of specific manual edits, attribute queries, or spatial extents.


Input Parameters


Realization Name

  • The name of the new Realization which will be added to GNAT Riverscape project. This name should be unique, and not a replicate of any existing Realization within the project.

Input Stream Network

  • A polyline feature class representing a unique version of a stream network. This network should be the result of a a specific set of spatial or attribute queries and/or manual edits.

Unique Reach ID Field (optional)

  • An attribute field of the input stream network polyline feature class that stores unique identifier values.

Network Table (optional)

A table which store stream network topology data. This table should be the result of running the Build Network Topology Table tool

Riverscapes Project Management

GNAT Project XML (optional)

  • The XML file ( which stores information on the associated Riverscapes project.